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Question: Are incoming emails filtered to block spam and scanned for attached viruses?

Answer: Yes they are. We out-source this service to our ISP and their service is called DirectMX (  Here is a brief overview of how it works....

* DirectMX employs the award winning Barracuda Spam & Firewall platform to deliver efficient and scalable email protection to our secure FirstClass Server. Barracuda's twelve-layer email protection architecture guarantees the ultimate in email protection.

* Emails that originate from a mail server who's IP address is found on a publicly managed block lists are rejected.
* Email that pass this first test are then run through a set of filters that scores their likelihood of being spam.
* Emails that score above an 8 are placed into a quarantine folder that you the intended recipient of that email managed. Once a day you are sent a summary of the emails in your quarantine folder.  You can then choose to delete them, view then and to have an email that was wrongly quarantine forward to your FirstClass email account.  You then can whitelist the sender of that email so all future emails from them are no longer filtered.
* Emails that score 6-8 have the tag [SPAM] added to the subject of that email and the email is delivered to your FirstClass email account.
* Emails that score 5 or less are delivered to your FirstClass email account.
* You manage you own Whitelist and Blacklist.  The Whitelist is a list of email addresses delivered without being filtered.  The Blacklist is your own personal blocklist.  Add an email address to this list and you never hear from them again.
* You even have the ability to turn off all filtering of your incoming email. We don't recommend this though.