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Question: How can I ease the transition from Outlook to FirstClass?

Answer: The makers of FirstClass realize that many users have used Outlook in a business environment or for personal email. Since FirstClass is a direct competitor to the Microsoft Exchange Server (of which Outlook is the client), they have been very intentional about provide options to make the transition to FirstClass easier.  While most experiences FirstClass users would never want to make these changes to make the FirstClass environment more like Outlook, this is possible.


1) FirstClass uses a different layout for the Contacts form, including having more available fields.  

2) The FirstClass New Mail form has the Subject field at the top, followed by To/CC/BCC.  Outlook has this in reverse.

3) FirstClass uses a Unified Mailbox with both incoming and outgoing email in the same folder.  This allows FirstClass to thread messages.  Threading keep all emails that are part of the same conversation together.  Outlook has an In Box, Out Box, Junk Box system.

These three are adjusted in the Preference as seen below. You access the Preferences from the toolbar of the FirstClass Desktop.