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Question: What are the advantages to using the FirstClass Client?

Answer: FirstClass is a cost-effective, highly scalable, feature-rich messaging and communications solution for enterprises, learning organizations, governments and service providers. At the foundation of our FirstClass Communications Platform is the Collaborative Groupware, which provides users with the ability to Build Online Communities.

When a user doesn't use the FirstClass Client to access their account, they lose most of the rich features the system has to offer.  This is especially true when you are part of a group that is using the system.

Additionally, the encryption methods used by FirstClass are considered stronger than those using SSL encryption.  So, it is more secure to use the FirstClass Client than the Web browser access or a 3rd party client like Outlook Express.  The most secure method of working is to work online only, as all your data lives on our server in Colorado and the moment you log off there is nothing on your computer but the client software.

Learning new software always takes a little time and the most common thing is to compare it to what you already know.  We encourage you to give the FirstClass Client a try.  The vast majority of users find they would never want to use anything else!