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Question: How is Tech Support provided?

Answer: Galactic Communication is a non-profit organization and all staff that support the system are non-salaried.  We don't do it for a pay-check.  For us it is our passion.  So, while this allows us to keep our cost low, and therefore our prices low, it also means what you pay does not pay for salaried tech support help.  So, please be considerate when requesting support through one of the four methods.  We are committed to serve you!

1) Post your questions in the Ask SF Tech Support conference in the Welcome Center where the system administrators and other power users will answer your questions.  Make sure you first search here and check the FAQ folder to see if your question has already been answered.

2) Send an email to the Administrator account. Please do not email our personal accounts. It will actually take longer for you to get a reply if you do!

3) We can be reached on Skype id galacticomm during normal business hours (when not in meetings).  It is helpful for you to pre-arrange the conversation via email and we will most likely not respond to a request outside of business hours to protect our time with family and the need for a balanced life.

4) Call the tech support cell phone, which is 719-330-0567.  Again, it is best to call during normal business hours (which we realize might be odd hours for some of you!).  Please leave a voice message if we don't pick up.