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Installation Instructions for FirstClass Online Client 16.108 for Windows 10 / 8

NOTE: The process you see below is similar in Windows 10 and 8.

1. Let us start by clicking the following link if you have not yet downloaded the client:

We recommend you save the file you are downloading to your desktop to begin with, and then later move it to a safe location for future use if you ever need to install the software again.

2. Double Click on the FCC16103 installer application that was download to launch the InstallShield Wizard. You will receive the following warning.  Click run to continue.


Got to love Windows!  Now you get this warning.  Click continue to start the installer.


3.  Installation Screens

a. On the First Screen that says "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for FirstClass Client 161...." click the button Next.
b. On the "License Agreement" screen you may read the License Agreement and click Yes to continue.
c. You are now asked you wish to install the software for multiple users.  Make sure "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)" is selected. When you are done click the button Next.
d. The "Choose Destination Location" will show the location that FirstClass will be installed. We recommend that you use the default location by clicking Next and then yes to create FirstClass folder (If you are upgrading you will not be prompted to create the folder, as it already exists). If you wish to change the location you may do so by clicking Browse and choosing the location and then clicking OK. (not recommended)  If you see the message below it means the old version of FirstClass is still running.  Close the old version and then proceed.


e. On "FirstClass Installation Options" we simply want to click the button Next. We recommend you leave "Add items to Start Menu" and "Add Shortcut to Desktop" checked.
f. The "Start Copying Files" screen is simply an acknowledgement that you are ready to start copying the necessary files to you computer. To begin click “Next”.
g. After the all of the necessary files are copied the "Installation Wizard Complete" screen will appear. You want to click Finish.

We will now need to configure the FirstClass Client, so that it is correctly setup to reach the Galactic Communications FirstClass Server.

1. If the FirstClass Client is not automatically launched, click the FirstClass icon now on your desktop to start the program. Now you should see the FirstClass Login window.

a. Click the "Advance Tab" on the bottom left to expand the FirstClass Login screen. Locate the "Address" field.  This should be set to "home.fc".  If it is not, using the pulldown menu to the right of this field select home.fc.
b. Now click on the Setup button located on the right side of the Login Screen. This will open a window called "Service Setup". You will need to make the following changes:
* Set Connect via to the following regardless of your connection type:
High-Speed Internet.FCP
* Type into the "Server" field.  Please take care to type this correctly with no spaces before or after.
* Set Encryption to CAST-128.

After doing this click the button Save. Below is what the “Service Setup” will look like.


2. Now enter your User ID and Password that was provided to you into the User ID and Password fields of the FirstClass Login screen.  If you are in a Western Nation and you are using a computer at your home, you may now click "Save" to keep your user id and password.  Your password is scrambled for security reasons, this is why it gets longer when saved.  Anyone outside of a Western Nation should NEVER save their password. Now, while connected to the Internet, click "Login".  

3. If this your first time using FirstClass or CAST-128 encryption, you will be prompted to save the encryption key, as seen below. Click Accept.


Your FirstClass Desktop window should open!

Please Note:

* If you receive the following error:


This means you have typed your user ID and/or Password incorrectly into the User ID and Password field. Simply try to type them in again.

* If you receive the following error:

99.999999999% of the time it is one of these four things.

1) You do not have the server set to in the setup.

2) The DNS Server of your ISP is not updating correctly and so it doesn't know where is.  You can test this by changing the server to be

3) You have the "Connect via" in the setup set to something other than Highspeed Internet.FCP. Or you changed the configuration of Highspeed Internet.FCP from TCP to UDP.

4) You have a firewall on your computer (or in your router) that is not allowing the client to access the internet.  Port 510 must be open for the client to use.